Joe Biden Magically Outperformed Election Norms

This was reported by J. B. Shurk in the Federalist on November 23, 2020:

In all the excitement among objective journalists for Joe Biden’s declared victory, reporters are missing how extraordinary the Democrat’s performance was in the 2020 election. It’s not just that the former vice president is on track to become the oldest president in American history, it’s what he managed to accomplish at the polls this year.

Candidate Joe Biden was so effective at animating voters in 2020 that he received a record number of votes, more than 15 million more than Barack Obama received in his re-election of 2012. Amazingly, he managed to secure victory while also losing in almost every bellwether county across the country. No presidential candidate has been capable of such electoral jujitsu until now.

While Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton’s 2016 totals in every urban county in the United States, he outperformed her in the metropolitan areas of Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Even more surprising, the former VP put up a record haul of votes, despite Democrats’ general failures in local House and state legislative seats across the nation.

He accomplished all this after receiving a record low share of the primary vote compared to his Republican opponent heading into the general election. Clearly, these are tremendous and unexpected achievements that would normally receive sophisticated analysis from the journalist class but have somehow gone mostly unmentioned during the celebrations at news studios in New York City and Washington, D.C.

The massive national political realignment now taking place may be one source of these surprising upsets. Yet still, to have pulled so many rabbits out of his hat like this, nobody can deny that Biden is a first-rate campaigner and politician, the likes of which America has never before seen. Let’s break down just how unique his political voodoo has been in 2020.

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The rest of this article details the five ways that President-Elect Joe Biden won the election against all expectations, validating the need for a wise, seasoned, and thoughtful leader for the next four years, such as he. During his campaign, the former vice-president did not need to travel all over the country and hold massive rallies, up to five times a day. On the contrary, he instinctively knew that the way to win was to self-isolate in his basement and only occasionally venture out, properly masked, to give a speech to a dozen reporters and a few brand-new pickup trucks spaced six feet apart in an otherwise empty parking lot. Apparently, the majority of the electorate agreed. Just as they valiantly fought the virus by voting from home via mail, their candidate had the courage to campaign in isolation like everyone else by following the advice of the experts and the rules of the authorities. In the end, democracy came through, as it always does!

From Lefticon:

Democracy – a political system in which the people have the right to vote in periodic elections with outcomes determined by a majority.

In a direct democracy, the people vote on specific issues. In a representative democracy, people vote to elect representatives who, at least theoretically, vote for their collective interests.

A direct democracy can degenerate into a “tyranny of the majority” when those of the majority vote for special benefits and rights for themselves, to the disadvantage of minorities. On the other hand, a majority can be socially engineered to vote against their own interests and for the special interests of a minority.

Under some circumstances, democracy can occur with an initial election, followed by consolidation of power by the majority and the elimination of all opposition, and exist afterwards in name only, or only at lower levels of government such as the local soviets of the USSR.

To protect the people from the devolution of democracy to tyranny, the founders of the United States designed constitutional protections: unalienable rights not subject to the voting process, the tri-partite separation of the powers of government, and judicial resolution of opposing claims.

While the people in a dictatorship have little or no choice in their leaders, those in a liberal democracy vote to choose them. For democracy to work at its full potential, it obviously requires an informed electorate; a moral and competent legislature, judiciary, and executive; and safeguards (enforced penalties) against corruption. Voters can be misled by false campaign promises and manipulated by disinformation, false flags, and media propaganda. The electoral process itself can be corrupted in a variety of ways at the level of the voter (voter fraud) and in the tabulation of the votes (election fraud).

Voter fraud – intentional violation of the voting process by an individual or group.

Examples are votes cast by those who are ineligible to vote, such as non-citizens, non-residents, felons, and the deceased; duplicate voting; paying for votes; harvesting of absentee and mail-in ballots; “assisting” nursing home dementia patients to vote; voter intimidation; forging ballots and signatures.

Voter fraud is a common, unfounded allegation of the political right when one of their candidates loses an election. They claim that, despite the serious penalties, this kind of fraud has become a widely accepted practice because the benefits exceed the risks, especially when moral standards (relative, not absolute) are not a deterrent and the authorities and media are supportive. This sort of baseless accusation is typical of the right and is easily debunked by accredited fact-checkers of the left.

Election fraud – interference with the electoral process during an election after the votes are cast. Also called electoral fraud.

Election fraud is often alleged without evidence by the political right after a lost election. They accuse their opponent of illegal manipulation of the recording, counting, tabulation, and interpretation of election results. Innocent anomalies and computer glitches are attributed to sinister practices like ballot harvesting, ballot creation (forgery), and the use of computer algorithms to alter the count. They target mail-in ballots as especially vulnerable. None of their allegations can withstand the scrutiny of our independent corporate media.


Biden taps transgender veteran to join Department of Defense transition team

This article by Esha Ray was reported in the NY Daily News on November 12, 2020:

President-elect Joe Biden has chosen a transgender veteran to be part of the transition team at the Department of Defense.

Shawn Skelly previously worked in the Obama administration in multiple defense and transportation roles, and became the first transgender veteran to be appointed by a president in 2013.

Skelly’s appointment comes as the Trump administration has banned transgender people from serving in the military under their self-identified gender.  […]

The U.S. Navy veteran joined the Obama administration in 2013, first as Special Assistant to the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics at the Department of Defense, then as the Director of the Office of the Executive Secretariat at the Department of Transportation, according to a LinkedIn bio.

Skelly is also vice president at Out in National Security, an advocacy organization for LGBTQ+ national security professionals, according to their website.

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Great choice! Transgenders know a lot about transitions.

Many of the people dancing in the streets on the day after the election were transgenders, and they had good cause. No longer would they have to lurk in the shadows with all the other marginalized and minoritized LGBTQIAs. President Joe Biden will have their backs!

President-elect Biden knows the feeling of being scorned for innocently sniffing women’s and little girl’s hair; he never tried to hide it. He will be the President and defender of every gender, orientation, and proclivity.

From Lefticon:

Transitioning – the process of changing one’s gender identity or humanity.

In the case of transgenders, there are degrees of transitioning from a simple declaration of a new gender identity to a full and permanent transition requiring reconstructive genital and breast surgery and a lifetime of hormonal supplementation.

In transhumanism, transitioning refers to the process of transforming a human to a transhuman or a posthuman.

Transgenderism – a progressive movement promoting the rights of transgenders. Also called trans rights activism.

This movement began in 2015 with the male to female transition of the famous athlete/celebrity Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner, which was highly publicized in the mainstream media following a landmark cover story in the July 2015 issue of Vanity Fair. Ms. Jenner became a role model for all boys and young men, and her heroic transition became the impetus for transgender advocacy by the educational establishment (K-16).

Since then, transgender activists have focused on several major areas:

    • the right of transgenders to use gender-designated public restrooms;
    • the rights of transgender females to compete against cisgender females in women’s sports;
    • the right of young children to choose their gender identity and the obligation of parents to encourage them and support their choice;
    • the right of transgenders to be addressed by their chosen personal pronoun; and
    • the promotion of gender-neutrality in speech and written language.

Despite resistance from conservative traditionalists and some feminists, these goals are widely accepted by educated progressives.

Face Masks: A Danger to Our Planet, Our Children & Ourselves

This was reported by Cory Morningstar in OffGuardian on November 6, 2020:

It seems like only yesterday that a massive campaign against single-use plastic straws was trending. The much forgotten anti-straw trend was based on astronomical numbers; a suggested 500 million straws used each day in the US alone, with more than half a billion plastic straws being consumed and discarded, every day around the entire globe.

An estimated 8.3 billion plastic straws had come to pollute the planet’s beautiful beaches. The backlash against the straws appeared to be driven by the horrific impacts on the marine environment in particular.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) in 2020, in particular face masks, have become a new genre of pollution. The majority of face masks being purchase and disposed of are single-use surgical masks made of melt-blown fabric manufactured from polypropylene, a type of thermoplastic. The vast majority of all disposable face masks being consumed have two outer layers with a filter between them (polypropylene), made from nonwoven plastic fibres.

The paper COVID-19 Pandemic Repercussions on the Use and Management of Plastics published June 20, 2020 warns that a “monthly estimated use of 129 billion face masks and 65 billion gloves globally, is resulting in widespread environmental contamination.”

194 billion face masks and gloves equates to well over 6 billion face masks being consumed and discarded each and every day.

Based on the aforementioned paper, six months of face masks alone – equates to seven hundred seventy-four billion, while 12 months of consumption, equates to a stunning one trillion five hundred forty-eight billion face masks.

Meanwhile, “Canada alone has ordered more than 153 million N95 respirators, almost 400 million surgical masks and 18 million non-medical face masks. That doesn’t include demand from the private sector.” As a new emerging market, trees (biological communities invisible to the humancentric eye) cannot only be sacrificed on the altar of “green energy”, we can also pulverize them into face “ecofriendly” masks.

What happened to all those who cared about our environmental crises? That of climate change, biodiversity and ocean pollution?    […]

Microplastics are tiny plastic fragments less than 5 millimeters in diameter, or about 0.2 inches. They are barely visible to the human eye.

A 2019 study showed that human microplastic consumption ranges from 39,000 to 52,000 particles per day. These estimates increase to 74,000 and 121,000 when inhalation is considered. This amounts to humans ingesting approx. 5 grams of plastic each and every week, 5 grams being the equivalent of a credit card or a US nickel.    […]

Microplastics are tiny plastic fragments less than 5 millimeters in diameter, or about 0.2 inches. They are barely visible to the human eye.   […]

A 2019 study showed that human microplastic consumption ranges from 39,000 to 52,000 particles per day. These estimates increase to 74,000 and 121,000 when inhalation is considered.     […]

To mitigate against this latest environmental and health nightmare, people have been encouraged to wear reusable fabric face coverings comprised of three layers of fabric.

On September 25, 2020, a University of California–Davis study found that the fabric of home-made cloth face coverings release a large amount of fibers into the air. The study underscored the importance of washing them. What is not discussed are the same fibres being inhaled and ingested.

Those in the West, and those who own or have access to a clothes dryer, will know what dryer lint is. Friction causes the fabric fibres to become loose and dislodge during the washing and drying process – resulting in sometimes little, and more often lots – of lint that must be removed after each cycle.

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Aside from the fact that disposable face masks provide little if any protection from viruses, it is clear that they are a major environmental pollutant, as well as being a health hazard to the individual with prolonged use. These problems are barely noticed by the usual environmental advocates and their NGOs. Greenpeace and the Sierra club suggest using reusable masks. The World Economic Forum has no suggestions. Greta Thunberg is silent.

On this topic, our elected leaders have been understandably subdued. How could they mandate the use of face masks while continuing to ban plastic straws and bags? Furthermore, would a President Biden be able to give up his cherished mask for the good of the planet? It is problematic, to say the least, but to those of us who still have faith in science, the answer lies in yet another question: What would Dr. Fauci do?

From Lefticon:

Coronavirus pandemic – a worldwide pandemic of a flu-like viral illness called COVID-19, attributed to the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

The first cases of COVID-19 occurred in Wuhan, China in December 2019. Despite the adversarial posture of the US and China, Wuhan was the site of a Chinese biological warfare laboratory that had collegial and financial relations with similar facilities in the United States. It actively studied coronavirus modifications.

Release of the virus was either accidental or by design. The resulting pandemic spread from Wuhan to the rest of the world, distracting the masses from other crises and from initiatives affecting their freedom and well-being. In retrospect, it proved effective as a strategic instrument to

    • trigger worldwide socio-economic disruption;
    • divert attention from an unrelated global economic crisis;
    • test the receptivity of the masses to measures of social control such as social distancing, quarantine, wearing of masks, and restricted rights of assembly;
    • end ongoing mass protests in Hong Kong and Paris, using fear of a lethal contagious disease;
    • assess the consequences of selectively ignoring their own guidelines by allowing mass anti-white and anti-police protests by Black Lives Matter and antifa in the US;
    • try various technologies for mass surveillance;
    • blame China for releasing the virus as a bioweapon;
    • provide sustainable material for sensationalized media propaganda;
    • impede the re-election campaign of a popular sitting president;
    • facilitate manipulated election results by encouraging or requiring mass voting by mail;
    • create a global market for a vaccine and costly antiviral drugs;
    • enrich stakeholders in vaccine development and the pharmaceutical industry;
    • introduce digital certificates and quantum-dot tattoos during vaccination as a forerunner to mass digital identification; and
    • support the “Great Reset” of the global economy by the international financial elites and the World Economic Forum.

It appears, however, that the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on some services and industries were excessive and escaped the control of the planners. These industries included hotels and restaurants, tourism, travel, and the airlines. Disruptions also occurred in formal education at every level, and in medical care. In addition, the destruction caused by Black Lives Matter and antifa may have been more than anticipated, especially when nearly all of it occurred in progressive, Democrat-controlled cities.

Note:  The mandated use of disposable face masks during this pandemic had unanticipated effects of environmental contamination, especially of the oceans which already had significant pollution by non-biodegradable plastics.