Why Lefticon?

“Language is the immediate actuality of thought.”

Karl Marx, The German Ideology, 1845

Welcome to Lefticon.net, a blog dedicated to an appreciation of the language of the political left as well as promotion of my book, Lefticon: A lexicon of the terms, topics, and concepts of the left.

Lefticon, the book, is probably the most extensive lexicon of its genre. The first edition, with 674 entries, is available in both e-book and paperback formats on Amazon.com. Like all lexicons and dictionaries, it is a work in progress. The second edition, not yet published, has another 634 entries, and some of the older entries have been extensively rewritten.

Each post in this blog will focus on a sociopolitically charged term, topic, or concept in the events of the day. This will be followed by relevant excerpts from the most current version of Lefticon, which is in progress and may differ from the published version. Comments are welcome, and suggestions will be appreciated.